Team Viewer 32 bit version installed.

Dear community,

I am just trying to install TeamViewer 64bit on a new Windows machine. But once I downloaded it, the installer prompts that I have already installed Team Viewer 32bit, whereas I never installed Team Viewer on this machine. I can't find any Team viewer folders or files on the entire computer.

I would be delighted if anyone could help me.

Thanks a lot


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  • Ying_Q
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    Hi @Sven_Schaefer,

    Thank you for posting in TeamViewer Community!

    Are you able to locate TeamViewer in Control Panel?

    TeamViewer Community offers the steps of uninstallation on this community knowledge article

    Can you try the uninstallation please? Hope it would work on your device.

    Kindly keep us posted about your progress please.



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  • Sven_Schaefer
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    Hi Ying_Q

    Thank you for your fast response. First of all, the problem just solved itself the next day.

    I can not locate the error since I never installed Team Viewer on the machine. Probably some Windows issue, after all.

    Nevertheless, thanks a lot for your effort and your fast response.

    Yours sincerely


  • Ying_Q
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    Thank you for the quick update about TeamViewer @Sven_Schaefer 👍

    Feel free to post more questions in TeamViewer Community and check out more interesting knowledge about TeamViewer too!🙌

    Have a great day!



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  • Pushpodaran
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    O.K. Very good communication assistance.

  • Rozo
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    This drove me nuts as well - receiving the "Team Viewer 32 bit version installed" message, uninstalling the existing 32 bit version- checking it was gone - then finding same "Team Viewer 32 bit version installed" error when trying to install 64 bit version and seeing the 32 bit version was back again - then repeating the process.....

    I found success by running the installation download as an administrator FWIW