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NO Access to support tickets

diamed Posts: 1 ✭

After trying to create a support ticket without success because the the link keeps redirecting me to the forum home page, I found this:

👉One note for our customers wanting to submit a ticket but landed here: Please make sure to activate your TeamViewer license on your TeamViewer Account to be granted access to our ticket portal.

I already have an account on Team Viewer portal and my license is activated, but the support ticket links keeps redirecting me.

What should I do?

Put a ticket to get this problem solved? LOL


  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 4,110 Former Community Manager

    Hi @diamed

    I am sorry that you had trouble creating the ticket even though you have the license on your account! I´ll try to get my colleagues to reach out to you directly.

    To share private information, let´s move the conversation into a private message.

    Thanks for your understanding!


    Former Community Manager