Is my privacy protected adding corporate account to the TeamViewer installed on my PC?!

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Hello all, I just read the article on a Team viewer community portal regarding corporate license for company profiles. My company is using your product. No any other apps are installed on my PC, the Team Viewer only, my account will be associated to my company corporate license account, I trust the company, but at the same time my privacy is highly important for me.

My question is:

  1. is there possible for the company Admin to make an access to my PC bypassing my (users) permission in case I will activate so called "unattended access" on my PC ?!
  2. Is there even a theoretical chance to anybody to access my PC even I will activate all incoming sessions or decline the sessions at all?!
  3. Is there possible to anybody from higher level to see my "unattended access password" or reset it and connect to my PC w/o asking permission me for that?!
  4. What is the meaning under highlighted sentences shown on an attached file from article?! Please do not ignore my question, make some clarifications to me.

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    Hello @BRUTE,

    Welcome to TeamViewer Community and thank you for sharing the questions to us 😊

    Well done on raising these questions and sharing to other TeamViewer users on TeamViewer Community. We always want to ensure users with better understanding on account functionality and security. I will try my best to answer all the questions.

    1. If unattended access is completed successfully with your TeamViewer Account on your selected devices, the company admin can NOT bypass your permission to make access to these selected devices
    2. If you preset the connection configuration of decline incoming connection, there will be NO TeamViewer password available and any incoming connection will be rejected.
    3. It is impossible to allow other users to check on your unattended access password regardless the account permission within the same company profile as the setting of unattended access asked for your TeamViewer account credentials.
    4. About the highlighted sentences from the knowledge article - All about the TeamViewer Company Profile, it acts like a reminder to the company admins and bring the attention when deleting or removing the users. When deleting the user account within the same company profile, any company profile related data created from the deleted user will be transferred to the company admin as the highlighted notes advised.

    Please note📌, the actions of deleting user and removing user from company profile would totally different ⁉.

    • Deleting user - the TeamViewer account would be deleted completely from the company profile and TeamViewer
    • Removing user - the TeamViewer account would be removed from the company profile but remains available within TeamViewer. The TeamViewer account is usable but no license activation.

    Hope you will gain better understanding from the explanation above. Feel free to leave a comment if you are unclear with any dot point.

    Have a great day!



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