don't send some of key combinations OR use remote machine's layout

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I used to change keyboard layout with "Win+№" (each number means specific layout/language). Since there's no possibility to change the layout that way in standard Windows settings, I use a program that catches "Win+№" and replaces it with standard "Alt+Shift+№".


But since TeamViewer catches all key combinations (but I need it and so, don't want to disable it), the "Win+№" combination passes abovesaid program and goes into the remote machine... where it changes the layout, but TeamViewer doesn't cares about it, it will still write in the layout that control (current) machine have. There are only 2 ways of solving it:

  1. Let TeamViewer ignore some of the key combinations and don't send them to the remote machine
  2. Let TeamViewer use the remote machine's layout, not the control machine's one.

Post Scriptum. By "layout" I mean keyboard language's changing (just not sure I use the right word)

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