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How to read the log files


I want to know what somebody was doing on my mac. I've found the log files "TeamViewer_12_Logfile.log", but how will I know if somebody i.e. copied my files. Is it even possible that someone was doing something other than what I've seen on the screen?

For example what this line means: G502! FileBoxGUIHandler::HandleParticipantNameChanged(): No connections for UpdateFileInfo signal

or this part:

eiver: Partner registered VoIPV3 control stream 3

2022/04/11 15:16:41.593 16738 13091958784  G502 CParticipantManagerBase::CheckAndSubscribeNewStream(): Subscribe stream now streamID=3 type=25 required=1 supported=1

2022/04/11 15:16:41.593 16738 13091958784  G502 VoIP: Receiver: Participant channel "MacBook-PRO.local (1 064 253 708)" [1064253708,-761313192]: VoIPBCommandReceiver: We subscribed VoIPV3 control stream 3 (waiting for init command)

Thanks for help, I'm really nervous.