How do you choose which group newly added clients are assigned too?

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So I have a teamviewer account with multiple users and I have groups that are assigned to certain businesses to keep all my TV clients organized. I have 1 group that I am not sharing with any of my other users because it is my personal devices. Right now, every time I add a new device to my account it puts it in my private group that is not shared and none of my other users can access them. This happens even if they are the user that adds the new device to the account. This is annoying because I have to login and reassign the new device every time they add something. How do I force all newly added devices to goto a specific group... ie: a "New Devices" Group?


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    Hello @ClayVaughan ,

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    For the description you provided, I believe you just need to assign a different group on the settings of your custom module.

    👉 Go to the Management Console Design & Deploy → click to edit the custom module → Change the group in the field Automatically add computers to a group in your Computer list

    Let me know if this solves the issue, or if you will need further help 🍀


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