Why does my home laptop keep losing its licence?

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I have a one user business licence for the company I manage so I have TeamViewer installed onto my work laptop and my home laptop, but for some reason every time the home laptop is rebooted for updates or whatever is it assigned a different TV ID and I have to login to the client and then deactivate the original home laptop licence so I can reactivate it on the new ID. This has NEVER happened on the work laptop install. This obviously caused a issue a while ago as you only have a few deactivation chances.

But why does this happen?



  • JeanK
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    Hello @DerrickML,

    The ID of your device is not supposed to change. Are you factory resetting your computer regularly?

    Or reinstalling the OS?

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  • DerrickML
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    No, I can just reboot it and try and connect to an office PC and the TeamViewer client wants me to reauthenticate. This never happens on my work laptop that is shut down everyday.