TeamViewer stands with Ukraine and is withdrawing from Russia / Belarus

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We are deeply shocked by Russia’s horrific attack on Ukraine. As a global company, TeamViewer upholds the universal values of freedom and democracy, and we condemn any form of violence and aggression.

As this war is continuously aggravating and strongly violating our values, we have decided to completely phase out any remaining business activity in Russia and Belarus. On top of compliance with all international sanctions and immediately having stopped new business, we also do not prolong any contracts with customers from Russia or Belarus. Existing subscriptions outside the scope of sanctions which are not affiliated with an unrightful usage of our products will be honored until contract-end but will not be renewed afterwards. Moreover, TeamViewer has blocked all unlicensed connections to and from Russia and Belarus to avoid any further usage of our software.

In an effort to support Ukraine, TeamViewer is currently offering its products to all organizations within the country free of charge. In addition, TeamViewer donated more than 750,000 EUR to Red Cross organizations for humanitarian help on the ground.

Please see the official statement here:

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  • LouisGraves
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    I am deeply shocked that your company supports Red Cross. This organization has discredited itself by supporting the regimes in Belarus and Russia. Its good that you stopped the business in Belarus and Russia, but you also sponsored them with 750,000 EUR.

  • sshukeylo
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    I'm supporting Ukraine and do not want this war. I just do not get why you are punish me and my elderly sick parents and revoke my ability to help them with computer and bill payments.

  • sshukeylo
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    Just want to add I'm in USA and my parents in Russia and I cannot just 'stop by and help'. TeamViewer was ONLY way how I could help my elderly (86 year old) sick parents. Why TeamViewer not allow clients from USA control computer in Russia and not vise versa, for example instead of completely block communication?

  • Feroki
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    I totally agree with the comments against the cut off of communication with devices from Russia and Belarus. In the end, the just always pay for sinners and we are the most innocent.

    Thank you,

  • VA01
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    It leaves me speechless that TeamViewer is demonstrating so much upholding of 'the universal values of freedom and democracy' that for 48 hrs it has completely ignored my polite request to return TeamViewer access to my computer in Russia by its ID number from the computer in the United States, so I could continue helping my sick and bedridden mother in Russia.

    TeamViewer, shame on you! You are hiding behind your ticket support system based on commercial license, so free version personal users wouldn't be able to contact you, and your employee JeanK can't even address these issues with me and other people, who are pleading for help, because we have old and sick parents in Russia. I hope TeamViewer realizes that by its total restrictions on Russia and Belarus it is basically killing all those old and sick people without shots fired.

    I hope TeamViewer CEO Oliver Steil realizes that by punishing ALL people in/from Russia and Belarus his company pretty much is using **bleep** tactics, who under **bleep** in 1939 have decided that Slavic people should be their slaves, and called such people cattle and treated them as such, and wanted to exterminate majority of Slavic people and make the rest as their slaves, and committed horrific crimes in doing so, but these **bleep** animals have met their demise when in 1941 they attacked Soviet Union and were crushed in 1945 at the cost of lives of 27 million Soviet people, to whom the rest of humanity should be thankful everyday for the rest of its existence, because otherwise right now the whole World would be ruled by the 3rd Reich and **bleep** Germany.

  • VA01
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    I see that TeamViewer is v-e-e-e-ry afraid of words **bleep** and **bleep** in their correct spelling that they bleeped these words in my previous post.

  • VA01
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    Bleeping these words makes it look that I was swearing, but I didn't. I see that TeamViewer is reading my posts since they've bleeped the modified versions of the words, but they are afraid to respond to the raised questions. It says a lot about this company. I had a better opinion about TeamViewer as a company. What a shame...

    [removed per Community Guidelines]

    I guess that after this post TeamViewer is going to 'bleep' my account and access to this forum. As I've said in my earlier post, so much for upholding of 'the universal values of freedom and democracy' by TeamViewer.

  • Hello, I am Russian-American living in US for more than 20 years. As many companies left Russia due to the crazy war Putin started, TeamViewer announced the same. I totally understand and support this decision. However, there is one unintended consequence that I really hope TeamViewer can fix. I was using TeamViewer to help my 85-year-old dad with his laptop. This included installing VPN so he could get to the information from outside Russia. Unfortunately, it looks like TeamViewer ended not just commercial support, but support for ALL computers inside Russia. So, I cannot connect to my dad's computer and help him with various computer issues anymore. I am sure that this was not the intent, but in fact, this plays right to the hand of Putin who prefers to limit Russian's contacts with the outside world. Dear TeamViewer's team, please, be considered to the situations like this and please, allow non-commercial users in Russia to get help from the outside world.

    Thank you!

  • vay
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    Hi TV.

    This mass geo- ban of Russia and Belarus was something expected from usurpers in Moscow and Minsk, not from the company provided such a reliable and free tool for the whole Internet. You can not to have a business with Russia/Belarus/whatever, to limit outbound connections in these states is something understandable as well. But to whom it helps banning non-commercial connections TO there? It helps only aggressive propaganda.

    Lift this please.

    Thank you.

  • sadgsdfsdf
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    West constantly stresses that sanctions aren't designed to target the Russian people just the regime. Why? Because it's unethical. What TeamViewer is doing here is unethical. There is no good reason to block me from being able to help my elderly parents! You should be ashamed.

  • Blade1024
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    Good morning @JeanK,

    Have you guys blocked all users in Russia? Not just corporate accounts? By blocking free non-commercial users, do you know that you are violating a bunch of conventions of human rights and your own terms of service? Since internet has been considered as a basic human right, and TeamViewer company, as a supplier of aid to maintain elderly and non-qualified citizen computers as a part of the supply chain to this service, is violating it.

    Besides that, we are sickened by what we see, nevertheless, we are responsible to carry out our duties and let the government do what they suppose to do about it. Sanction the companies, break your business relations, but stop hitting the ones that cannot answer you back. I am pretty sure that residing in Germany of 2000's is a bit different from 1930 - 1940's, where Russia is, IMHO, is at the moment. You can visit a couple of museums in Berlin to understand how it is there now to refresh your memory. Do not turn ordinary people against you - love is the ONLY answer.

    Regards Matvey Teplov

  • dvvdvvdvvdvvdvv
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    Myeah, I just found myself in the same boat - I just found out that another couple of octogenarians lost their ability to get help from myself. Shame. And yes, apparently TeamViewer **bleep**.

  • realstevech
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    Yeah... Many People wanted Teamviewer in Russia.

    i know im not supporting Russia.

  • SamuelSantiago
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    Hello TeamViewer team.

    I'm Brazilian. I live in Brazil.

    I am a TeamViewer user.

    I haven't found another app with the same quality as Teamviewer. I am in need of a person to remotely handle my mobile phone. I am recently in need of a trader to pass on the learning so I can trade the financial market. He is having trouble downloading and accessing my mobile phone. He needs to access my mobile phone through his mobile phone. My mobile phone and his mobile phone are with Android OS. I am sending here the image showing what appears to him when he tries to download Teamviewer to access my mobile phone. He is Russian and he lives in Russia. My mobile phone is in the Brazilian language because I am in Brazil. He has the Russian language on his mobile phone because he is in Russia. He informed me that in Russia there is a restriction for some applications not to be downloaded normally. That restriction is due to Russia creating a war against Ukraine. Not just in Russia, it has the problem. The problem is possible in other countries.

    What is the best alternative for him to download the TeamViewer application?


  • Stevefinn10
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    That your company supports the Red Cross shocks me to my core. This organisation has damaged its reputation by backing the Belarusian and Russian regimes. It's excellent that you ceased doing business in Russia and Belarus, but you also gave them sponsorship.

  • emailcaretaker
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    I am in a similar situation as many people who posted above. [removed per Community Guidelines]

  • dynotrick
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    Please unblock Russia - as many others this is a method for helping my elderly parents. SHAME ON TEAMVIEWER!!!!