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IOS remote into Mac looping on lock screen

royman0 Posts: 1
edited May 23 in Mobile

Having a weird issue when trying to remote into my mac from my iphone. My mac has is usually locked (but not logged out) when I am away and remoting when logging in with the ios app the mac authentication screen pops up. I enter my username and password and then it quickly unlocks (I can see my desktop) and then it quickly relocks. If I try again it just loops this.

I just tried to remote access when my mac was not locked and it was able to see the screen just fine without the issue. Seems to be just when its locked.

Mac OS version 10.15.7 and TeamViewer 15.29.4 H

Iphone 13pro IOS 15.4.1 and TeamViewer app 15.30.2010 CL