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[Windows] v15.30.3

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Operating system: Windows

Version: 15.30.3

Release date: 2022-05-24


  • A "Copy ID" button has been added to the Allow Remote Control section in the Remote Control tab.
  • The "Unattended access" status is now displayed in the status bar.
  • The Sign-in button and flow have been improved.
  • Improved TeamViewer printing: it's now possible to reliably print multiple copies of a document at once.


  • Fixed a bug for the "Send to" functionality in the Windows context menu that resulted in an empty contact list when the TeamViewer application was not running.

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  • Aditza
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    well... the LAN - only function mode seems not to have been tested too much... this time the "Your ID" text field is a bit broken...

    When a system in LAN-only mode has multiple IP addresses configured... the "Your ID" field overflows its graphical boundaries and stretches waaaaaaaaaaay to the left right, because the app is trying to show all the IP addresses of the host.

    Also, since it's showing only IPv4 but it now looks to have enough room to show IPv6 addresses... after fixing the text wrapping / scrolling of this field, can you please also show the IPv6 address(es) here in the interface when used in LAN-only mode? It completely hides IPv6 from the interface.

    Screenshot below... (p.s. for moderators: please do not redact/modify it more than it is .. it's already OK to post imho)

  • ilee
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    As shown in the figure: The first time I connected a computer with a resolution of 1920*1080, and then it became a fixed window size.

    The second time I connected a computer with a resolution of 1366*768, a black border appeared next to it, and it would not adapt to the resolution of 1366*768.

    It should have been like this since 15.27.3. The previous versions were all very good. What is the resolution of the connection, the corresponding window size will be automatically adjusted, and now it is necessary to manually stretch the window, which is very inconvenient! ! !

    Please fix it!

  • JeanK
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    Hello @ilee,

    This is due to the save session window size and position setting we have implemented in our latest updates.

    To return to the way it worked before, you need to disable the feature in the options as shown below:

    Hope this could help.


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  • alewis-pr
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    Still am unable to use the quick connect box at the top to connect to LAN Only computers more than once. If I type in a computer name and press "Connect", it connects the first time. Once the computer is in the recently used list, I cannot connect a second time to the same LAN Only computer. I have to click the "X" and delete the recently used computer and then I can connect again one time. Can anyone else reproduce this? I've tested on a couple computers here with the same results and did a clean install of TeamViewer and still have the same issue.

    Works - Computer is not in the recently used list, if I press "Connect" it successfully connects to the LAN Only computer

    Does not work - Computer is in the recently used list, pressing the blue "Connect" button doesn't do a thing and cannot connect to a LAN Only computer. If I delete the computer from the recently used list (red line), then I can connect again one time.