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Problem accessing Ubuntu 18.04 from MacOS

OferGoren Posts: 2 ✭✭


I have 3 Linux servers at home, all installed with Ubuntu 18.04. When working outside of the home, I sometimes need to access one of those machines.

Yesterday, out of the blue, one server started to act weird. When I try to connect with it from my Mac, it displays the screen of initiating a connection and is stuck there. On the server, it looks like I am logged in and it shows this small window that shows that there is an active connection. After several seconds, it disconnects, and I cannot try to reconnect at all, I have to restart the server.

The 2 other servers are working great.

I uninstalled and reinstalled teamviewer from that server 5 times but nothing worked. I cleared all the cache files in ~/.config~/.local/share and ~/.cache. Still, nothing. Don't understand what is the difference between this machine and the two others, and it started without no modifications to the server.

I removed the checkbox from "using udp" from both server and client as it was suggested in a forum, but it didn't help.




  • OferGoren
    OferGoren Posts: 2 ✭✭

    Turns out it was my LOCALE setting that was wrong. once changed to US:EN everything went back to normal.