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Locked out of account (lost 2FA details)


So according to the subject above, I'm locked out of my main account because I've lost 2FA details, just like many people in the free community as I've observed thus far. So I've long lost my 2FA application, since I reset my phone a ways back (and haven't used teamviewer in ages), along with my recovery code, which I swear I thought I had backed up.

Anyways, I was wondering if there is some moderator out here that could lend me a hand and walk me through what I can do to recover said account (or delete it, ultimately). I can prove I'm the owner of the e-mail address associated with it and I can login to said account since I have the right credentials.

Would like to add that, hopefully, after the issue is solved (and I have either recovered or deleted that account), I'd like to delete this one because the username (or community display name, what have you) I chose (a bit recklessly, my patience is scarce, I spent all day looking for a solution to this issue) is now bound to this account, a name I wish to reuse once I recover my account.

Hopefully this will picked up soon enough, and hopefully a better free account recovery process is being designed behind the scenes, this is just obnoxious.


  • rgcv
    rgcv Posts: 2

    @Reyhan Sorry to bump you, but I've been waiting a while to see if anyone would dig this post up, but I'm growing impatient and looking to reach a solution to this predicament.

  • Reyhan
    Reyhan Posts: 270 Staff member 🤠

    Dear @rgcv

    Thank you for your post. 

    With respect, primarily i have to moderate the community...check the content of posts regarding our Community rules....

    It is not possible to react to any post and I hope you will understand. 

    Please check your private mails, because of data security i can't answer directly to this post.

    Thank you.



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