tablet offline

This laptop is my main computer with Linux Mint 20.2. I connect to all other computers that are Linux Mint and one Win 10 (4) on my teamviewer list. Recently I added a tablet to the devices but this computer and the tablet (Android 11) shows it offline both on the tablet and this laptop. I cannot connect to it from this computer or from the tablet to here. But, I discovered today I can connect to all other computers on the list even the most remote friends computer (Win 10) some miles away from the tablet even though it still says offline. When I click connect the chat/end connection tab pops up in the upper right corner of this laptop and i get the teamviewer main screen control pop center then go to the panel nothing more. What am i missing? There must be some silly simple box to check i missed but so far i find nothing to change. Why can it connect to all others from the tablet but still show offline on both this computer and the tablet?


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