How to start a customer survey before the remote connection

Hi there,

I was using NTR Inquiero solution for remote desktop help. When I decide to switch to Teamviewer I lost a very useful tool in Inquiero. I refer to the preconnection survey, in wich I can identify and store my customer data.

Do you know how to start a survey like that in Teamviewer?


  • Jeremy
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    Hi chelomachorro,

    TeamViewer doesn't have a preconnection survey, but we do provide an optional customer satisfaction form that appears after the connection has finished. This is available with the customised version of our QuickSupport module that is provided to our licensed users, and it looks like the screenshot below.

    In addition, when using the customised QuickSupport module, either you or the customer are able to initiate a chat conversation with the other. The customer can also enter a description of their problem before you connect to them, if they wish to.

    2016-12-13 16_06_03-Clipboard.png

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    Just stumbled on this thread.. Is it possible to collect customer satisfaction survey data and export it to another tool/database for analysis etc? 

    Also, can we modify the customer satisfaction survey form at the end of remote connection to ask relevant questions?