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[Windows] v15.31.5

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Operating system: Windows

Version: 15.31.5 

Release date: 2022-06-28


  • Customers now benefit from an improved and smoother video experience in Windows remote support sessions. This includes a lower latency and better visual quality.
  • Remote terminal functionality is now available in the Computers & Contacts list.

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  • alewis-pr
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    This still has not been fixed in 15.31.5. Does anyone actually read these comments or is there a better way to turn in bugs? This issue has been going on way too long to not be resolved. I still am unable to use the quick connect box at the top to connect to LAN Only computers more than once. If I type in a computer name and press "Connect", it connects the first time. Once the computer is in the recently used list, I cannot connect a second time to the same LAN Only computer. I have to click the "X" and delete the recently used computer and then I can connect again one time. Can anyone else reproduce this? I've tested on multiple computers here and other co-workers with the same results and did a clean install of TeamViewer and still have the same issue.

    Works - Computer is not in the recently used list, if I press "Connect" it successfully connects to the LAN Only computer

    Does not work - Computer is in the recently used list, pressing the blue "Connect" button doesn't do a thing and cannot connect to a LAN Only computer. If I delete the computer from the recently used list (red line), then I can connect again one time.

  • RaphaelBM
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    Oooops - The page announces v15.30 but the update is v15.31.5 -Oooops

    Thank you Teamviewer for a wonderful free subscription as always. Raphael

    See pic attached.