Recover a registered computer's password


I'm 1000 kilometers away from my laptop, and TeamViewer has been running correctly until now. I think the application does not respond, because I'm experiencing a weird connection error I already saw in the past: when I try to connect, it shows the usual "Connecting..." text in the bottom left corner, and then it goes back to "Ready to connect", like I cancelled the connection. And sometimes, it shows me the "waitForConnectFailed" error.

The only solution I had was to restart TeamViewer manually, or through VNC. Unfortunately, I can't remember by VNC password... and I'm almost sure it's the same as my TeamViewer one!

But the fact is, I registered this laptop in my "computers list" months ago and I can't remember what it is. Is there any way to recover the saved password? Or even to fix this connection issue?

I really need to get back my remote access before next week, please.