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M365 basic AUTH deprecation & OAUTH 2.0 support

DanM Posts: 2 ✭✭

With Microsoft's ending support for Basic AUTH in Oct 2022, is the configuration for using your own mail server going to support OAUTH for continued use of our own mail servers?


  • DanM
    DanM Posts: 2 ✭✭

    Bumping my own post. It seems others with M365 are seeing the same errors. For those who have access to admin notifications, M365 admins have been getting notifications that basic auth is being turned off randomly for periods of time to identify and alert us of accounts using basic auth.

    Workarounds are going to stop working in Oct 22, leaving all M365 connected servers unusable with servicecamp's current configuration options.

    A month without even a simple acknowledgement Teamviewer/servicecamp is aware of this upcoming deadline is concerning. Give us a roadmap please, if the roadmap is no more M365 support, I'd rather know now then when email stops and it's a zero day emergency for no reason other than poor vendor communication to its customers.