Requesting ID details related to the investigation

 Dear Sir/Madam

We want to know about following ID ( [ID removed] - Attached relevant incoming log) which remotly logged in to Lagoon Paradise Beach Resort- Tangalle,Sri Lanka & deleted some valuble data on 04th of July 2017.

They made a complain to Tangalle Crime Branch under     & In our branch - case No ITD/T/CC/TV/01/30/2017.

Their IT Manager unstalled Team viewer on that day also & due to that we couldn't take the log file on that day.But also we got the incoming log & forwarding you to give following details.

  1. Relevant IP address
  2. User's Location
  3. User device details
  4. session details
  5. Other

Thank you

Law Enforcement Officer,

Information Technology Division,

Sri Lanka Police - Tangalle Unit



  • Reyhan
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    Dear @Eranda1987

    Thank you for your post. I am sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, I can't help you in the community. 

    I would recommend and ask you to send the logfiles and all information you have to [email protected]

    Thank you.

    All the best


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