From version 15 (mac) I'm unable to connect to my elderly aunt in Europe (version 14 windows)

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My name is Dan (Australia), my aunt is 74 years old and lives in England, she has been asking my help for her laptop and we used to connect via teamviewer.

I would log on and control it remotely to solve any issues she had. This is just for personal use.

Teamviewer won't let us connect anymore. I'm on the latest Mac version 15 and she is on Windows version 14. It keeps telling me that I cannot connect to an older version.

She has now tried 82 times (this is the number of times she has downloaded the windows Teamviewer file) but it just won't let her update to version 15. Is there a way I can connect? We have been trying for weeks and I'm not sure how I can help unless I fly to England (which is a long was from Australia). Can anyone offer any advice? Thanks in advance!



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    it's possible that she has the 32 bit version for Windows already installed, and is trying to install the 64 bit version. Her best bet is to uninstall the previous version (and keep settings) instead of upgrading in place.

    Either that or she's not set up as an admin on her computer.

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    Thanks Phillip! She is currently on windows version v14.2.56680 I'm not sure whether this is 32 bit or 64 bit.

    However, the new version which she is trying to install is 64 bit. Should I try to find the link for the 32 bit version for her to download?

    As for your suggestion to uninstall and keep settings, how is this done?

    Thanks for your generosity with your time, Dan

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    If it's a 32 bit issue, it should tell her that when installing (I just went through this myself an hour ago). Keeping the previous settings pops up as an option when you uninstall.

    i can't past a link to the 32 bit version, but if you go to the downloads page, it's right next to the 64 bit version. The name of 64 bit version has "x64" in it, and the 32 bit version doesn't have that.

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    good by Team Viewer