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Dear TeamViewer Users

I have a question regarding the use of TeamViewer for Remote Support for all our work computers, which are distributed around the various departments. It is everything from kindergartens, to elderly care for the various administrations.

We have a little over 600 Company Administrative domain joined PCs (non administrator) around. We have used another Remote Control until today - we have now decided to use TeamViewer for all our Administrative PCs, tablets and phones, because TeamViewer can do something the other program cannot.

But now comes the question: TeamViewer has 3 kinds of products in our Corporate license; TeamViewer Full, TeamViewer Host and TeamViewer QuickSupport. What we have plans for and have built up so far are the following:

1. TeamViewer Full is used for us in the IT department to support users.

2. TeamViewer Host for all our Administrative PCs in the various departments. We have put the following script in the .MSI function: APITOKEN = xxxxxx CUSTOMCONFIGID = xxxxxx ASSIGNMENTOPTIONS = "- alias% ComputerName% --grant-easy-access --group-id gxxxxxx" - that is, we have Easy Access added , which means that we can either ask the user for permission or go directly into it.

3. TeamViewer QuickSupport to have on the website, so that those who for some reason have not had TeamViewer Host installed on the PC.

In connection with the TeamViewer Full, Host and QuickSupport setup, we have made it so that they appear in 3 different groups, where these 3 groups are shared with all supporters in the IT department (with the Admin account). This means that everyone has the same access to Administrative PCs as our main account, which we have used for the setup. I do not know if our setup of TeamViewer Host complies with the GDPR law, as you can access Administrative PCs without permission from the user. But then again, it's a work tool that we in the IT department manage, so it should be just as much.

How do you use it in your business? And what is Best Practice?

Thank you for bothering to spend time sharing your knowledge and opinion.

Best regards.


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    Hello @LilleFjott,

    Thank you for joining TeamViewer Community and posting your question. 🎉

    I would like to confirm that You are on the right track on TeamViewer setups! The preparation you shared in the post would be the recommendation from TeamViewer. In addition to the basic setup, I would like to add the Security touches with the Six Golden Security Settings, especially two-factor authentication 📱, an Allowlist 🧾 and strong password hygiene🔐.

    About the question on GDPR and TeamViewer Host, there is a setup of Easy Access to be performed on the installation of TeamViewer Host. A prompt confirmation will be shown to inform the users about the Host installation and the Account assignment before remote connections. (Example shown below)

    I hope the information will help you understand the Host. If you would like to have a detailed conversation, feel free to contact our dedicated support agents via phone ☎.

    Wish you a pleasant day and Happy Connections!



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