Intune app configuration policies JSON.

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Any change to get some kind of article or example regarding Teamviewer Intune app configuration policies.

I can find only one article that is referring to those settings:

"There are other options in the Configuration Designer, this is out of the scope of this article. Tensor Licensed customers may refer to an article in that KB for more information."

I'm interested to find out what syntax would be for JSON partnerlist device name.

Description says: "You can use placeholders to give the device a specific name when being added to the partnerlist. Group ID and API Token are needed."

Okay great, what's the right syntax for this? and can I use for example device serial number in the name?



  • Mitchell_Hofwijks

    Hey Guys,

    I have exactlye the same question.

    Devices get andded with the name "samsung_SM-G715FN_unknown" at the moment..



  • Ionize
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    I have just this issue, but with MaaS360, not InTune. Did anyone find a solution?