TeamViewer - one of your video tutorial clips is missing the audio

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edited July 2022 in General questions - would be great if it had audio to explain what they are doing clicking around in the video... unfortunately doesn't appear to be an easy way to submit such feedback directly to TeamViewer if one doesn't have a commercial account.



  • mpickard
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    and the "two-factor authentication" tag doesn't seem to stick to the post either in the community forums

  • Justin
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    Hello @mpickard,

    Thank you for posting in the TeamViewer Community and happy to answer your first post! 🎉

    Thank you for your feedback! We really appreciate your opinion. Also, thanks for pointing out the problem with tagging, we are aware of it and forwarded it to the developers!

    You surely can submit any ideas you have to our 💡Ideas Hub. Our Developers and the designated team do monitor that section and if the Community wants that feature, they can simply upvote the idea to push it, so we know exactly what our Community needs and wants. 🙂

    Please let me know if you need further help with Two-Factor-Authentication.



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