Connection Not Authorized. Please contact your administrator

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Connection Not Authorized. Please contact your administrator

I receive this error message from roughly 50% of the clients when I try to remotely connect to a users PC.

Background: I work in IT and I have escalated this issue to our companies TeamViewer supporters and they cannot figure out why only I am having this issue. Half the time I can connect to someone and half the time I cannot, and I cannot find the rhyme or reason why is works sometimes and not other times. It changes daily, one day I can remote into someone's PC and the next I will get this error. When I get the error connecting to one person's machine trying it over and over makes no change, but trying another person's machine it may work, or maybe not.

Another colleague of mine is able to remote in with no issues to the same machines I have problems with despite us having the exact same version and permissions and settings.

I have tried to uninstall and reinstall TeamViewer and it makes no difference. I have also tested from a completely different PC and I get the same error so it has to be account related in some way one would think... I used to remote in with no issues so perhaps a change to my account occured in the last month that caused this but no one can seem to figure out what it is...

Alternate solution of using Windows W10 Support Tool seems to work with no issues as a workaround but I have been experiencing this issue for over a month and my companies support is at a loss and asked me to try here.

Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!