My email is assigned to some other account - how can I release it??

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I recently encountered the issue of my account being blocked due to too many concurrent sessions being used and I found out this was a result of my account suddenly being associated with someoone else's account, surprisingly (or not) one of my customers.

TV support sent me to talk to the admin of that account and I was able to release my account from them, but now I found out that my personal email (not the one registerred with the account) cannot be associated with it, and now they are telling there's another old customer of mine that my email is registrred with.

Needless to mention that even if ever logged on to my account on their systems, I never actually registerred myself with them, and so it's something that happened in the Team Viewer's infrastructure changes (I didn't even know what's a "Company Profile until lately...), but I keep getting tasked by support to contact all kinds of masked email to try and release my email from their hold.

I was even told by the support person that "it's my fault" my account got to that state because I didn't open a company profile...

If anyone knows how to get out of this not-so-magical loop, he'll get my endless appreciation...



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    Hi @YCD

    Congratulations on your first post! 🙌

    Being part of a company profile can be sometimes tricky for the users 🧐. Let me shortly explain to you how it works:

    • A company profile is created for multi-user licenses which allows one or several company administrators to manage their team (=manage the user accounts that can use the license).
    • To be part of a company profile, you can either join it yourself if you already have a TeamViewer account or an administrator can create an account for you and then automatically add you. 
    • As a regular user, you don't have any permission on managing the company profile, so it is not possible to leave it by yourself (neither for the TeamViewer Support team). Only the administrator can remove your account and free it. 

    If I understood correctly, you were in touch with our Support Team and as said above, they don't have any permission to remove a user from a company profile. That is why they asked you to contact the admin. 

    Please reach out to us for any further questions or clarifications,



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