TeamViewer file transfer and copy-paste

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I recently set up a Linux server (no graphical user interface). I need to access that machine externally. I thought easiest way would be to use TeamViewer.

I got TeamViewer working, I can access the machine externally. One thing I've found out is that I can't use file transfer and copy-paste feature.

I did some testing. I installed GUI on a different test machine. On that machine file transfer and copy-paste works. When I uninstall GUI, it no longer works.

I saw some old post (5 years ago) that stated that non GUI doesn't support file transfer and copy-paste, is that still the case?




  • heyHey
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    I'm trying to transfer a small file (15MB) from a windows machine to a Linux machine via copy and paste with no luck.

    It does work when I try from Windows machine to Windows machine, so the settings on the windows machine is correct.

    On the Linux Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS I'm having problems with, I'm made sure to select clipboard synchronization...still unable to make it happen.

    I'll keep checking here to see if anything has changed.

  • ChristofR
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    I'm extremely disappointed that this basic functionality is still not working between Linux and Windows. Copying and pasting files via the clipboard is a seamless experience on Windows to Windows and this is something I use regularly.

    With remote working TeamViewer is not just for remote support, we use it extensively to permanently work on more than one PC at a time. As such, the experience should be as seamless as possible and having functionality missing on one OS is a real hindrance.