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Teamviewer does not connect from outside of the Network

User9001 Posts: 1 Newbie
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I got following problem:

I have a Server lets call it "Servermain", in the same network I got another server, "Server2"

Now the weird problem is that when I try to connect to "Server2" directly from my TV List it does not work. But when I go from "Servermain" and use the same credentials I can connect to "Server2" with no problems.

Servermain and Server2 are connected via switch, both are connected to the router and both have stable internet connection.

I tried to flushdns but other than that I have no clue how I can connect to my Server2 directly without "jumping" from my Servermain TV Connection.

Any ideas?

The TeamViewer Version is 15.33.7 (64Bit)


I got a few different setups, for some it is working and for some it is not. I checked all TV settings. Most of the network settings aswell, I'm thinking maybe it's something with the network card?