First connection closes improperly. Successive connections are therefore impossible. [v15.33.7]

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Hi all,

I'm using TeamViewer 15.33.7 on a Ubuntu 22.04 machine. Whenever I restart the machine I can connect to it exactly once. Closing the connection leads to an error regarding an invalid window parameter (see screenshot). This leaves the TeamViewer process in a weird state: Not fully crashed but also unable to accept any further connection until the machine is restarted. Nothing less than a full restart seems to fix the issue (e.g. stopping and restarting the service).

This problem persists for at least 3 months now and I'm getting increasingly desperate.

Does anyone have an idea how to approach this problem? I am not even sure what the root cause might be... Is it related to

Thanks for your help.


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    Me too.


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    Exactly the same problem here.


  • misterm3140
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    I figured this out by downgrading to 15.1.3937.

    I was experiencing the same issues.

    First use:

    apt-cache showpkg teamviewer # Check to see if you have 15.1.3937

    Then use:

    sudo apt-get install teamviewer=15.1.3937 # Downgrade to this TeamViewer version