TeamViewer incoming connection issues

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I have a new computer (named AMD1) I've added TeamViewer to, and I'm having the following issue.

I can connect from AMD1 to any other computer with no issues.

I can connect to AMD1 from any computer once. If I close the connection and then try to connect to AMD1 again, the connection fails. I have to restart the computer before I can connect to AMD1 again. Restarting TeamViewer does not fix the issue. A computer restart is required.

I have had all computers with TeamViewer re-listed as non-commercial use devices.

I have rebooted AMD1 into both Wayland and x11. The problem is the same for both.

I have opened the recommended ports on AMD1 per the TeamViewer recommendations.

I have gone through every iteration of whitelisting and related connection settings in the TeamViewer GUI that I can think of.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled TeamViewer multiple times using all installation methods.

I am able to ssh into AMD1 with no issues.

Summary: It looks like after one successful connection, AMD1 blocks all additional incoming TeamViewer connections until a hard restart is executed.

Has anyone encountered this scenario or have any idea what I could try next to resolve it?

AMD1 information:

Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS

Processor: AMD EPYC 7713P 64-Core Processor

GPU: NVIDA RTX A5000, CUDA Version 11.7


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    I was having the same issue as you, but I resolved the issue by downgrading to 15.1.3937

    First use:

    apt-cache showpkg teamviewer # Check to see if you have 15.1.3937

    Then use:

    sudo apt-get install teamviewer=15.1.3937 # Downgrade to this TeamViewer version