Teamviewer quicksupport link Internet Explorer

Since today we noticed that the Quicksupport link on the homepage shows a download without an .exe extension. It adds numbers instead of the usual .exe

This only occurs with several versions of Internet Explorer.
With Firefox and Chrome it downloads the file correctly with .exe and runs without problems.

Slight chance this is some hack? Or is Internet Explorer failing to open the link correctly?

Hope to see an explanation soon, thx!


  • jsxstev4
    jsxstev4 Posts: 1

    I am getting the  number extension for teamviewer 12 on 1 computer but no others. I have ran multple malwares and Anti-virus. Works with chrome and firefox okay, only get the numbered extension in IE 11. My extension right now comes up as .1502814590 instead of .exe. Get the numbered extension in IE no matter what program I am downloading from your site. I just want to make sure it is something on my side, or on yours.