Launch Installed Teamviewer not working?

Hi Teamviewer community,

I deployed TeamViewer Host about 4 months ago after having used quicksupport. All functions where great and we where using the create session -> invite -> and sending teamviewer session via links to simplify support for our users. But after coming back from holiday, this function has been completely ruined for us since there is a new pop up when clicking the link (see attached picture)

First impression was great, it's better than the usual browser popup, but the "Launch Installed TeamViewer" Isn't working and doesn't respond when being clicked... The Quick support button works fine and installs. But we already have teamviewer host installed, we've also tested if it only worked with full client, but no that doesn't work either. Is there a way to get this feature working again, or do we need to wait for a update from TeamViewer? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated 😊

And users we've helped before the update, that checked the old pop up are able to click the links and get into our queue no issue, but new users are getting slapped with this new "feature" pop up and can't get any further other than have to be guided to use the teamviewer app on the desktop 🙁


  • Thatian
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    Oh well, I click post and get notified from my colleagues that it now works sometimes, sometimes not and sometimes after a restart.

    But with it being so unreliable, they're mostly using the desktop app we've deployed. With the test I've done on my 2 test machines and restarting I've had 0 luck with the Launch Installed TeamViewer 🙁