SUSE Linux repository invalid checksums

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The TeamViewer SUSE repository has been throwing invalid checksum errors all day. I tried to open a support request, but the rep I spoke with didn't feel like doing his job, so we get to talk about it here on the forum instead of getting the issue over to the people who can actually fix the problem.

Retrieving repository 'TeamViewer - x86_64' metadata ------------------------[\]
Warning: Digest verification failed for file 'primary.xml.gz'

 expected bf9b07d009d083ad5d0c8ced5aa3db018d74fccbf7cc6e1ffd30d9a172b1caed
 but got  1e6a89725579fb000ff4a79a16abf2ad65d7d336746004d93ed92a86a9233c12

Accepting packages with wrong checksums can lead to a corrupted system 
and in extreme cases even to a system compromise.