how to hear audio from pro tools or any daw when using my interfaces asio driver

im an audio engineer and sometimes i work through teamviewer with a friend of mine remotely, through pro tools, hes on windows 11, and using the M audio Asio Driver, which is the asio driver the company provides for that specific interface.

now with Asio4all or the Fl Studio asio playback engine the audio gets sent to teamviewer and i can hear it fine, but when chosing the m audio asio driver, which is the best option on windows, cause you can get a really small buffer size and get really low latency when monitoring (which isnt possible with asio4all and fl studio asio) the sound doesnt go to teamviewer.

im just wondering what can i do to be able to use the m audio asio driver and still route the sound to teamviewer some how, cause asio 4all and fl studio asio are all sending the audio to the same output, so i dont understand why with this driver teamviewer doesnt pick it up



  • RIKI_F
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    I've been trying to figure this out as well. When using Teamviewer, I can hear anything from my PC's Audio Driver. Its my ASIO driver for my Audio Interface that I can't hear. (I use a Presonus Studio 1824C)

    Apparently, I read somewhere (presently trying to find it) where someone gave a walkthrough on how to use the "Loopback" function for my Interface's software. It's something along the lines of routing the ASIO driver's audio (or output of the Audio Interface) to the PC's regular input. This method kind of baffles me as I understand we can't use two DRivers ar the same time. I could be wrong. Hopefully there's a simple solution. This would be an amazing and helpful feature for Audio Engineers to work on productions on the go!

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