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Hello Support,

I can put manually a description next to a computer object in a group inside the Console.

But I cannot see this information in the list and I cannot add this description column to the list.

And if I use the search, nothing is found if I use a word that I put into the description.

Even better: Instead of a manual tag in the description it would be better if we can provide such information's during the installation on a client into this description field.

Why? Atm. we want to set a location to each computer in a mass deployment. For example, adding a location Country/Site/Building to the computer.

Later we want to filter it by location.

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  • Clinton_B
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    This is exactly what I am trying to do now.

    We put our serial numbers in the description field and I can't search for a serial number in my teamviewer list?

    How frustrating - I can't understand why this wouldn't be implemented.