Update now to the most recent TeamViewer Remote version 15.53. See the Changelogs here.

[Windows] v15.35.5

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Operating system: Windows

Version: 15.35.5

Release date: 2022-10-25

New features

  • You can now add trusted devices more easily using your mobile phone. Learn more here


  • Remote control sessions from the TeamViewer web application are now significantly faster.
  • Improved file transfer: It is now possible to easily transfer files & folders between Mac or Windows devices and the TeamViewer web application.

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  • RaphaelBM
    RaphaelBM Posts: 37 ✭✭

    Further to the previous release I can confirm that I have

    today been able to successfully update Teamviewer to [Windows] v15.35.5

    Thanks as always for a great FREE product.


  • ColinB
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    After this update TeamViewer will not connect to either of my Remote computers. Was working well last week

  • RaphaelBM
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    Hi, Teamviewer Changelogs - versions problem

    Looking at Teamviewer Changelogs today I notice that

    • v15.35.7 has disappeared.
    • Also, v15.37 is announced but not shown

    See attached 2 screenshots that demonstrate the problem.

    ps. I have posted this comment in v15.35.5 for want of any other place to report the issue.

    Thx Raphael

  • RaphaelBM
    RaphaelBM Posts: 37 ✭✭

    My copy of Teamviewer v15.35.7 was installed 28Oct2022

  • hemohes222
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    We have been troubleshooting for a few hours for our customer with a Window server 2012 r2 environment

    Version 15.35.5 gives an error when trying to start TeamViewer, after reinstalling to a older version and updating to latest working 15.35.2 it works. We have configured the application on server to not update, to prevent getting a newer version.

  • Aditza
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    i see that v15.35.9 has been released....

    but its installer still has the same bug with the print spooler service - if the print spooler is disabled and not running (intended behaviour), then the TeamViewer updater gets stuck in an infinite loop - and no, even if i start manually the spooler service it will not continue with the update... i have to terminate the updater process and start it again after i start the spooler.


    (that thread seems to have been restricted when v15.35.7 was recalled)

    also.. the updater/installer still resets the TV service from Disabled (or Manual) to Automatic start and starts the TeamViewer service even if i did not enable the checkbox to start TeamViewer with the computer.

  • RaphaelBM
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  • speechfixer5
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