Teamviewer continues to show window after minimize


When I request a window on the remote system to minimize, Teamviewer fails to show the window minimized. The window will get small but failes to complete shoew the window minimized. It always takes a second mouse clink on the small window for the window to complete be gone. If I do not do the mouse click small version of the window will stay displayed. If I go to the remote machines terminal I fin dthe windows has minmized.This problem just started with the installation of version 12.

 I have removed and reinstalled Teamveiwer 12.0.071510 from remote system,  that did not fix the issue. Removed version 12.0.071510 from remote client and installed 11. 0.052520. Problem does not exist when using old version.

Any Ideas what the problem is. I am about to remove 12 and go back to the previous version 10.