Allow saving of remote device's IP address when adding a remote computer to "Computers & Contacts"

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We currently use TeamViewer in "LAN-only" mode. This feature is activated by going to "Extras -> Options -> Incoming LAN connections -> accept exclusively".

We are required to use TeamViewer in LAN-only mode for security reasons.

When TeamViewer is in this mode, the device no longer has a TeamViewer ID, and rather, its TeamViewer ID becomes its IP address on the LAN. We can then connect to this computer by being on the same LAN and typing its LAN IP address in the TeamViewer application.

We have many devices and keep them nicely organized under "Computers & Contacts" in the TeamViewer application installed and running on our work computers. This way, we don't need to remember its TeamViewer ID or its password. By identifying it by its Alias and double-clicking on the device, we can immediately connect to it, without need to lookup a password or ID and type it.

The problem is that we currently cannot save IP addresses in the "TeamViewer ID" box when adding a remote computer. When entering the LAN IP address of the computer we want to save in "Computers & Contacts", we receive the message : "Please enter a TeamViewer ID".

It would be crucial for us to be able to save computers this way, because we have so many computers. It appears that it could be pretty simple to change in the TeamViewer SW : just change the error detection on that "TeamViewer ID" box. We rely on TeamViewer to manage many devices, and being able save those computers with an easy-to-remember alias is very important, compared to having to lookup a particular computer in a separate system, and copy its IP address and password. The current approach we need to apply of looking up the IP address and then looking up the password is very inconvenient.

Being able to save those computers in TeamViewer and being able to quickly connect to any one of them would be very important.

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