SHA1 GPG Key Depreciated on RHEL 9 Derivatives

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I am on Rocky Linux 9, a RHEL 9 derivative.

SHA1 has been depreciated on all RHEL 9 derivatives, which is what the GPG key is signed with. So teamviewer cannot be updated using the key without workarounds.

Teamviewer, please update to a more advanced hashing algorithm.


Following these steps will temporarily enable the unsecure SHA1 GPG key checks, then update, then disable again.

sudo update-crypto-policies --set DEFAULT:SHA1

sudo dnf update

update-crypto-policies --set DEFAULT

Websites with supporting data:

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    Created a support ticket. Hope it moves this issue along:

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    As of 07/15/23 this is still an issue.

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    Still an issue as of 2023-09-26. Getting really tired of having to either resign new TeamViewer packages as they come out with my own key, or disabling GPG checks in the repo file.

    Seriously, TeamViewer, can you please just update your signing key to not be SHA1? Please? It's been a freaking year and a half since RHEL9 came out.