E-Mail confirmation not send?


I am trying to login to my already used teamviewer account. Because of trusted devices a popup raises which tells me to wait for mails. But in my account I dont see mails in junk/spam/or inbox.

Pls help :-/


Andreas Zimber



  • Gudgo1
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    I have a different account which the link is not being sent to my inbox (not in spam). I have deleted and remade the account however the issue is still occurring, Could someone please assist with the issue and contact me via email as i need the other account to be useable.

  • JeanK
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    Hi @anzimber and @Gudgo1,

    Welcome to the TeamViewer Community! 🚀

    If you encounter issues with receiving the device confirmation e-mails, we recommend using our push notification feature, allowing you to confirm the device directly from the TeamViewer Remote Control app.

    📄 Trust devices via push notification

    Let me know if this has helped you bypass the e-mail issue.


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  • anzimber
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    Hi JeanK,

    thanks for that information!