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I am unsure if this belongs here or in the general questions forum. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum.

I would like to create an installation that does the following without any user intervention. Basically, install and go.

I want the host to be installed in Unattended form and assigned to me and put under a specific group.

Furthermore, I would love if I could use a script to record the MAC address of the host machine and put it in the NOTEs for that machine or elsewhere so I can use it for WAKE ON LAN (WOL).

The manual install is not very difficult; however, with many machines; I would like to find a quicker way to perform this install.

When I tried using the deployment method; it seems to only install and not assign. And assignment has to be manually performed.

Now, I may be completely missing something. So if someone can help send me in the right direction?




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    You can delete this.

    I figured out that the only way to get this functionality is to have the cooperate license rather than the business license that I am currently using.