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Difficulty downloading

I am trying to download TeamViewer to my 95 year old father's computer remotely.  So far, we have gotten to the webpage and found the big green button that says 'Download TeamViewer' and when he clicks it, nothing happens.   Same activity on my end yields a download of the software.   He is on Windows 10 and using Edge browser.   I'm on Windows 10 and using Chrome.  

I'm a simple user trying to help out her dad with basic PC questions, please HELP!


  • I'm not sure I understand? How is it you are trying to install teamviewer remotely . You first have to have it on the other PC before you can log in remotely.

  • NiaS
    NiaS Posts: 2

    I was trying to walk him through the process , over the phone, of downloading the software onto his computer.   When  he clicks the green button for download TeamViewer, nothing happens .  

    Similar steps on my end lead to a download.  I don't know what the problem is?  Maybe a firewall issue or something?  Please help

  • What browser were they using? You sure it did not already go directly to his Download folder?

  • NiaS
    NiaS Posts: 2

    I suppose it could have, without any sort of activity  notification that he noticed.  We will attempt to find it in his download folder this evening.   

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