Confused about remote computer setup for RA license

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I have TV Remote Access (6 licenses) installed on my Mac. However, I'm not sure about how the remote computers need to be set up. I have three questions:

  1. Does TV have to be INSTALLED on each of the remotes or can it just be run?
  2. Does a license have to be activated on each remote?
  3. Suppose I need to change one of the remote computers? Can I do that; i.e. can I remove it from my host list and then add the new computer? Or once I add a computer to my host's list must it remain?

Thanks in advance for any info.


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    Welcome to our Community @nlk11021! 🙌

    We're happy to answer your questions about the Remote Access License.

    First of all, TeamViewer needs to be installed on each remote computer to enjoy the best connection conditions.

    Then, the configuration of the Remote Access license itself has to be done from the user account itself and set up some specific settings on the remote computer. So, once the license is activated on your account, the best practice would be to:

    1. Assign the remote computer to your account
    2. Set up Easy Access
    3. Retrieve the machine in your Computers & Contacts list (as assigning the device to your account will automatically add it to your list)
    4. Add the remote computer as one of your license endpoints

    To finish, you can easily change one of the remote computers, without necessarily deleting it from your list. To do so, please follow the steps explained here.

    If you need further assistance about the process, don't hesitate to reply to this message 🙂

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