Issues in activating license

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Error message: A Remote Access license can only be activated on an account without any other license. As your account has already another license assigned, please use another account for the license activation.

Same email account was used to renew teamviewer. Please help as I urgently need to log into my PC.


  • JenW
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    Hi @BoLee,

    We're happy to read your first post in our Community! 😊

    As stated per the error message, you already have a license linked to your user account.

    If you only have one Remote Access license, that means that you probably already activated it on your account. To check if a license is activated, please log in to your Management Console and check what is mentioned under your username (top-right corner):

    On your side, you should see "Remote Access".

    💡 In case you have several active Remote Access licenses, you need to activate each of them with a different user account.

    Please come back to us if you have any doubt or questions,

    Have a beautiful day,


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