Can't get past password on Ubuntu 22.04


I have installed Ubuntu on a headless Linux server running a dummy display driver. I am able to reach the login screen without issue (Wayland doesn't seem to be giving me any trouble), but I am unable to actually log in.

If I type the password and press enter, I am kicked back to the login screen. The results are the same whether I choose "Ubuntu on Xorg", "Ubuntu (Default)", etc.

I know the password is correct as I can type an incorrect password and get an error.

Does anyone know how to fix this? The google results I see are older ones dealing with the old Wayland issues which no longer seem to affect newer versions of Ubuntu.



  • AndyPayne
    AndyPayne Posts: 1

    Just installed TeamViewer 15.39.3 on a fresh installation of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS - had the same issue and couldn't log in to my account.

    The fix is to disable UDP:

    Extras - Options - Advanced and under Advanced Network Settings untick Use UDP (recommended)