Cannot connect to remote when network is enable but Internet is unavaiable


FYI, I already checked but was no luck.

My env is: there is one wireless access point. It is completely disconnected from Internet. One small mobile computer (Windows 10) is a remote. Its unattended access is configured to accept Incoming LAN Connections and conntected to the wireless access point. My another laptop (Mac) is also connected to same access point. 

Problem is that, on my laptop which is connected to network but disconnected from Internet, I cannot enter IP address into partner id field because it is disabled. 

Both machines have TeamVeiwer last version. Is there any workaround this? 



  • oh, I found what my problem is.. It is firewall setting on my target computer. lol. Once I turned it off, everything worked smoothly

    And.. (update) On mac, if internet is not available, it is still not usable while windows one works well after adjusting firewall options.

  • Mrwolff
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    So what did you do, just not use team view on your mac ios ??  
    I also need to use teamview without internet access