TeamViewer on Linux Crashes After Use

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I have TeamViewer installed on two computers, both with Xubuntu 22.04. I can connect between the two machines without a problem. However, once I end the session, TeamViewer on the remote computer crashes and shuts down (it doesn't do this on the local machine). I then have to go to the remote machine and turn TeamViewer back on, and it starts up without a problem. This pattern repeats after every use.

I'm not sure what's causing the problem or even where to go to investigate it. (For instance, where should I look for the log files?) I'd appreciate any insight the community can provide. Thanks!



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    Hello @complexable :

    I've same problem, with Linux Mint 20.1.

    i've created a post :

    But no response yet :/

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    I have a problem as well, but I use **Third Party Product** - it seems the Teamviewer people would rather sit on their keisters than fix this. It's been a problem since August 2022.

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    I have a similar problem, looking for a solution.

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    I have the same problem on Ubuntu 22.10

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    They just don't care about Linux I think. I'm going to look into my own VPS tunnel at this point tbh.

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    I have been using teamviewer extensively for more than 10 years, now. However, with the 15.* updates, I think, I keep experiencing these stop response after use error. And I am experiencing the same issue with debian sid (12-bookworm) with gnome de (44), too. Most of the time, I am a user of kde neon (5.27), plasma de, in which I had the same issue. I have experienced and keep experiencing the same issue for a while, now. And I have seen some comments for the same error in windows 10, as well.

    Currently, I am using the latest version, which is 15.41.7 for teamviewer. Whenever I remotely connect or use the file transfer, after I close the connection and get the thank you for using message and close the message, the program stops responding and forces me to kill the process.

    Looking for a solution.

    Edit: Good thing that the crash only happens on the local computer, and not the remote one...

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    I am also experiencing the same issue, but in my case, TeamViewer crashes on local machine rather on remote machine.

    I am using TeamViewer-15.43.7 on Ubuntu-22.04.2 LTS.

    Looking forward to the solution.

    Thank you.

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    Same problem on Kubuntu 23.04. I have to manually kill the process and reopen the application

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    Same issue on Linux Mint 21.1 but with both remote AND local clients. It has existed for the last few versions of Mint and TeamViewer.

    When is this going to be addressed and does anyone know of a workaround?

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    My TeamViewer 15.45.3 client crashs after closed a connection, the remote works normally. The OS is Linux Mint 21.2 (based on Ubuntu 22.04). I need to start TeamViewer again everytime.

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    From my main discussion on:

    As of right now, I think executing a script like below is the only way to overcome this issue. Basically, the code works by terminating the processes after you exit a TeamViewer session. When you log back into TeamViewer, it should not disconnect. This script basically resets the TeamViewer environment after each exit. However, others may need to change the directory locations depending on the installation/application directory.

    # Script for Terminating TeamViewer Desktop Client upon exit.

    # TeamViewer Version: 15.45.3


    # User


    # Log File Location



    # Executables




    # Logging times for when session terminates


    while [ "$i" -lt 1000000 ]


    i=$((i + 1))

    echo "This is the ${i}th session."

    echo "-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"

    ps aux | grep "teamviewer"

    echo "-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"

    echo ""

    logout=$(date -d"$(cat $logpath/$logfile | grep "SessionTerminate" | tail -n 1 | awk '{print $1,$2}')" +%s)

    echo "Previous Logout time is: $logout"

    echo ""


    while [ "$logout_check" = "$logout" ]


    logout_check=$(date -d"$(cat $logpath/$logfile | grep "SessionTerminate" | tail -n 1 | awk '{print $1,$2}')" +%s)


    kill -9 $(ps aux | grep "$tvpath/$tvclient" | awk '{print $2}')


    Recommendations for the script:

    (1) You can execute the script in any path directory

    (2) If you want to execute the script in the background, I would recommend using a screen.

    (3) If this script uses too much CPU, you can use the "sleep" command after "logout_check=$(date -d"$(cat $logpath/$logfile | grep "SessionTerminate" | tail -n 1 | awk '{print $1,$2}')" +%s)"

    (4) This script does not resolve issues when multiple users try to log into the remote TeamViewer at the same time. A workaround to this is in progress.

    Hope this helps!

  • Count_account

    What an awesome app, it's version 15.47.3 now but it still have this problem.

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    1 year later and they still haven't fixed this issue. imagine being the most expensive remote software out there and NOT working with linux

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    Maybe something related to wayland..