Remote Access Error Message

GMAdmin Posts: 1
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Hello, I am getting the following error message below.

No connection to partner!

partner did not connect to router

Error code: WaitforConnectFailed

I recently subscribed to TeamViewer Remote Access. It's very embarrassing for a company this size to not provide support for this plan. Anyhow, I added the computer to my licensed computers and it's not working when I attempt to connect. Thanks.



  • MehulThakkar
    MehulThakkar Posts: 1

    Same here. Our remote work is getting affected. Support is non-existent at the corporate license level. It's appalling. At the very moment that teamviewer does not connect. other third party tool works just fine!

  • MLantz
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    I am having the same issue and I am not happy! TV has worked great for me over the past 3 years, but no luck at the moment and my work is drastically affected. I have tried everything so far, but now I await a response from support.