Remote Uninstall of TeamViewer Host Client/Agent

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When will TeamViewer Partners be able to remotely uninstall TeamViewer Host Client/Agents from PC's remotely? This request has been asked for years now by multiple groups, and yet we still cannot get this feature/ability. It makes it very difficult for MSP's to properly decommission and offboard a client after they've discontinued services and could potentially hold us at risk for liability if the client brings forth legal action because we still have that TV client/agent still installed. We've asked clients to do that themselves, or with their new MSP, and no one ever does. We need this ability NOW. Thank you!

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  • JeremyZaretski_Vrstl

    This seem infeasible for TeamViewer installations because it would typically require administrative access on the client device.

    I fail to see how you would be held liable for a client that is both unwilling and unable to uninstall TeamViewer, despite their having being warned of security repercussions.

    Even telling TeamViewer to disallow incoming connections is insufficient in general because there might be someone else who uses TeamViewer to connect to your client, and they could hold you liable for interfering with their ability to connect to your client.