Are you forcing out Version 11 users?

I have a paid "perpetual" (or life-time) license for TV version 11.

It has worked well to connect to my clients with the QuickSupport agent for several years.

Lately however (perhaps 3 or 4 months?) it will not let me connect to many of my clients. Perhaps as many as 80% of my endpoints can no longer be contacted. They show up as online. They have not been upgraded to a newer version. They just give a mostly unhelpful error:

"A connection could not be established. Reason unknown."

There's a chance that it might cluster in my defined groups. That is, in the group "My Partners" I can connect to all the PCs. In the group "Small Offices" and "Joe's Motors" I can't connect to any.

I can't try every endpoint because I generally don't connect to my customer's PCs unless they call and ask me to. I can only try servers and security systems... things that should have nobody logged in at the desktop anyway.


  • MCEStaff
    MCEStaff Posts: 3 ✭✭

    Doing some more reading it looked like there may be an issue connecting to Windows 11 users. Or from a Windows 11 system.

    A little further reading (and thinking) and I realize that's not quite the whole story since some of the machines I can't connect to are Windows 10 or Server 2016.

    I do get an error in the log file of my machine:

    <begin log file snippet>

    2023/01/23 08:44:51.267 9708 4172 S0! TcpCarrierBase[73]::SendCompleteQueue(): No Connections, Type_Tcp, Dir_Outgoing, Ending 0, SendQueue 1, CurrentSendQueue 0, SendCache 0

    2023/01/23 08:44:51.267 20912 18436 G2!! LoginOutgoing: ConnectFinished - error: ManagedDeviceLimitHardBlock

    <end log file snippet>

    Which sounds like my 'unlimited' connections have all been used up. I suspect that's just an error in the logging facility picking the closest matching error.