Can a Custom module's Owner be changed?


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There is no longer an Owner for a Custom module at our company:

My owner needs to be changed to someone else (for example, me). How do I do that?

How does deleting the costume module owner affect the module?

Is it possible to copy/clone a costume module, and will the person who makes the copy own the custom module?


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    There are two different scenarios about this topic of changing the owner of the Customised module:

    • Within the same Company profile - the admin user account owner will be able to transfer all the creations like modules, policies and groups onto the admin's account while acting on account deletion.
    • Separate accounts - change email address would be recommended.

    I would strongly recommend you to contact TeamViewer Support Team ☎ for a direct communication about the actual suggestion to suit your case.

    Hope the information above would be useful in your case.



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