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Greetings -

1) Please stop asking me each time I complete a connection if things went well or not. Just put an obvious "Feedback" icon on the main TV screen that I can click on to give feedback when appropriate.

2) In your questionnaires, give me an option to indicate that I don't use/need it. If I used TV differently, it might be very important, so indicating it is of low importance because of my current use is not practical (compared to if I were working where I did use the feature)

3) On your questionnaires, provide an option to add additional notes where a user feels clarification is necessary.

4) Your chat bot does not understand "How do I provide feedback?"

5) I work for a company and use TV. I have not idea what the license is, who actually knows it, or even how many we have. I do know that it's paid and valid (as a software dev - that's important to me). But many of your options assume I am a private person, owner, or IT admin. Nope - I just work here.

6) Your recent questionnaire on multiple screens was mind numbing. I use 3 screens and often connect to systems running between 1 and 3 screens. But most of your questions made no sense at all. Again - my focus is getting work done, quickly and easily. The one gripe I have is that when connecting to a system with 3 screens, I can only see 2 at a time. The 3rd is always blank. If I turn off one of the others, the 3rd shows it's contents. But none of your questions covered that.

7) I noticed that, when trying to post, you want a category. But none of your categories include Feedback (at least not obviously.) Why do you ask for feedback every time I connect, but don't make it easy when I come to your forums? Especially since others can then comment on the feedback (heck - lot's of people may feel the same way and not say anything - or all universally hate the idea - how do you know?)

8) If you really want feedback - make it easy for us to do so. You might also consider letting people know when their feedback was used to make a positive change to the software (even if they were one of 1000s who made the suggestion). Otherwise, how do we know that anyone even listens?

Anyway, no need to respond. I have no idea where this should really be posted, so am hoping that someone might put it in the right spot. But I have work to do, so if not, such is life.



  • Ed_Dougherty
    Ed_Dougherty Posts: 5 ✭✭

    Goto "Extras - Options" and un-check the "Show comment window after each session" to stop the comment window. This would work if it was not greyed out.

    Note: It is greyed on the free account. I do not know if it is not greyed on the corporate version because our options are locked.

  • fletcherj
    fletcherj Posts: 2 Newbie

    Ed - great idea - but it's greyed out in my company version too....